About Us


Let me talk about my favorite mottoes.

“No pleasure without pain.”
My father gave me this proverb when I started working. With this motto, I have developed my skill by prioritizing challenging tasks, and this led to our success in the industry.??

“You have a job, food to eat and a place to sleep. You have no reason to complain about your life. You do know how lucky you are.”
These phrases had been framed up in my house since I was born. Together with “No pleasure without pain”, they are always in my mind. When I face my difficulties, I try to discipline myself with these phrases.

“Gratitude” “Sincerity””Live for others.”
My mother told me about these words. I try to make Satte Spring as a place for making every effort, expressing our appreciation and training ourselves.??


  1. We are enthusiastic about manufacturing springs and will supply products which contribute to our community.
  2. We will make every effort to develop earth-friendly products by our persistent perfection and efficiency in manufacturing springs.
  3. We will work together and build hope for a better future.
Satte Spring Co., Ltd.

Environmental Policy

We will develop the Environmental Management System in order to prevent the environmental pollution and minimize the environmental load. We will also make every effort to review and improve the System continually.

1. Out of environmental impact involved in our activities, products and services, we will address three issues below as important environmental management problems:
(1) Energy saving
(2) Waste reduction
(3) Recycling promotion

2. We will comply with laws and regulations relevant to environment, and other agreed requirements.
3. This policy will be made known to all employees. We will disclose this policy to the general public via web site.


We are challenging to manufacture products which impress our customers with the quality of our work.??

With our pride in “high precision and quick delivery”,
we are working on developing new technologies to perform beyond
customer’s expectations and supplying the best quality products.
Excellent techniques mastered by manufacturing automotive compressive
springs have been handed down to our young employees and we have
continually delivered high precision products
(from one prototype to large volume order, one million springs) on time.??

We will commit to continuous improvement in an environment of sincerity
to help our customers to succeed.


Spring is used in a place where one cannot be easily observed. Spring is, so to speak, a worker behind the scenes. We always do our utmost to maximize hidden characteristics of spring and provide the highest quality products. We will contribute to our community by supplying springs that we manufacture with sincerity.